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More than that.

I don't get it. This person I know acts as if the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center was done merely to annoy his schedule, interrupting it with moments of silence, crowding people into his way, and messing with his commute.

Let me rephrase that. He doesn't get it.

He doesn't get that silence, in a land as loud and boiterous as ours, is a sign of respect.

He doesn't get that the flag is more than a symbol on a Tommy Hilfiger outfit--it's a symbol of unity, flying it is an act of faith by a nation of people who chose to be here.

He doesn't get that the rubble of the World Trade Center is more than a broken-down building, it's a mass grave for thousands of people, many of which will never be recovered.

Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston are holding benefits. Why mock them? Let them use the skills and talents they have to provide good. Lord knows we saw enough evil unleased last week to last a lifetime....

I just don't get that he doesn't get it.
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