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Poor Sophia....

My poor Sophia cat. She'd just finally gotten used to the fact that Batty is here to stay, and that maybe, just maybe he's not as bad as she thought he was, and maybe, just maybe, with lots of Fancy Feast and Whisker Lickins' she could survive with this Monkey Beast in her house.....

The world turns upside down again.

Last night, we brought Sadie home. Mom and Dad's surly Himalayan, Sadie. A puffball of fur and attitude. We're cat-sitting until something else can be worked out. Mom and Dad are currently staying with my niece Kelli, who's very allergic to cats. Hopefully, this is just a short term solution.

Sadie appears to be camped out in the living room. I'm not sure if she's getting back to the litter box or not...(I haven't gone looking yet). Batty and Sophia appear to have the rest of the house, and Sophia's majorly upset again, hissing and growling....not great behavoir, especially with a vet visit tomorrow.

Last night, Sophia was under our bed, growling at any unknown sound. Batty was on the bed with us. Every time Sophia'd growl, his tail would foof up.

I love cats, but didn't really need three. Two were just right.
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