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Swedish for Target

Five people, two cars, one destination: IKEA.

I went to get a strainer. A strainer. It cost $4.95. I spent $135. Of course, part of that was planned, but they'd said that the boxes would be out of stock until the 21st. They must have come in early, because there they were. Now, we just have to assemble the bookshelf from last weekend, and I'll be on my way to a new organized home.

A girl can dream, can't she?

Between the 5 of us (and it was actually only 4, because I don't think Lucy bought anything), we spent over $700, so I feel lucky.
Ikea just has this way of making money leap out of your wallet.
Maybe it's swedish for "spend money".

But considering the amount of stuff we packed into the two cars, we did well. Let the assembly begin!
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