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I woke up this morning, just a few minutes before the alarm went off.
I was comfortable on my side, with my sweetie snuggled behind me, the kitten perched in the curve of my waist, and Sophia curled up in a gray furry ball by my shoulder.

I thought "this is warm and cozy. I don't want to get up.".

Then the alarm went off. Kitten and cat realized they were less than a foot from each other, both sharing the same human. Sweetie groaned and begged for "just one snooze".

Sophia went off to do whatever it is that cats do in the morning.

We relaxed for to enjoy that extra 9 minutes of rest.

Batty started chasing his tail.

It's impossible to go back to sleep for 9 minutes when you have a kitten chasing his tail on the bed, careening off legs, feet, footboards, whatever got in his way of his pursuit of his tail.

It's good to get up laughing, though.
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