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Once Again, Our President Terrifies Me.

Maybe I'm getting old and twitchy, but George Bush continues to terrify me. When he was elected, I really thought his biggest problem was stupidity. Now, I'm beginning to believe it's a lot more than that. this article from today's Seattle Times prompted me to write a short letter to my Senators. If you feel the same way, I'd hope that you would too.

Dear Senator Cantwell/Murray:

I am writing to express my opposition at giving the administration unrestricted powers to wage war on Iraq.

Today's Seattle Times makes the following statement "Bush said he wanted the legislature to give him not only the power to make war with Saddam, but also an explicit restatement of U.S. policy that Saddam must be overthrown.

"That's the policy of the government,'' Bush said, adding that he wanted Congress' approval before lawmakers adjourn to campaign for the Nov. 5 elections. "

A unilateral, unprovoked first strike against Iraq, no matter how distasteful we find the regime, sets a dangerous and hostile precedent.

I urge you to support efforts to find ways to work with our allies to help enforce the UN Regulations, in a peaceful and productive manner.


During the first Gulf War, I put a newspaper sized sign in my front window proclaiming "NO WAR". Within a day, my window had a rock through it. Coincidence? Maybe. I live in a different neighborhood now. I wonder if my new "No New War" sign (printed by the same newspaper...and not, by a long shot, the most liberal paper around) will have the same result.

I sincerely hope not.
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