The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

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Busy Week.

I'm telling you, if the Mariner's go into extra innings again tonight, I may just have to go to bed before the end of the game.

Three nights. Three long (but victorious!) ballgames. Sleepy Meg.

Since sisterfish125 is visiting, I'm taking the afternoons off to play tourist. It's kind of fun. Today, I think we're going to Ride The Duck!. It's the perfect thing that you need to have the excuse of an out of town friend to do.

Tomorrow? Maybe the The Underground Tour and a ferry boat ride. Or there's always the zoo. And the Pike Place Market.

Tonight, though, I think we assemble the new bookcase. When you merge the households of two bookworms, serious shortages of shelf space occur.

And in another hour, I get to have lunch with julesong! Hooray!
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