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Doe Bay Reflections.

Doe Bay was mostly wonderful.
The yurt was awesome.
The weather gorgeous (even with the downpour on Monday).
Eggs just taste good cooked on a campstove.

But I'm sending this letter to the new management:

September 3, 2002

Doe Bay Resort and Retreat
PO Box 437
Olga, Washington 98279

Dear Doe Bay:

I’ve been coming to Doe Bay, off and on, for the past 20 years. The past couple years, we’ve come up a couple times a year, sometimes with friends, sometimes by ourselves, because we enjoy the beauty and relaxation and atmosphere at Doe Bay.

We’d heard, from other friends who had been to Doe Bay, that “there is new management, and things are….different.”. I figured they were exaggerating. But sadly, in some ways, they were right.

This past weekend was the first time that I’ve ever felt less than totally welcomed by Doe Bay. The overabundance of signs starting with the word “NO” is really unappealing. It appears, from the signs, that there’s might be a problem with unauthorized people using the hot tubs. Yet, even though we were issued hot tub passes, during the three days we were there, no one ever checked them. As a paying guest, I appreciate the fact that you keep track of the facility, but the threatening signs are just a little much. Maybe it would be more effective to tell guests that they need to have their passes (and maybe laminate them so they last for a day?) and then check passes. Have the signs inform that you must have a guest pass to use the hot tub. It wouldn’t take long for the word to get around, if you enforced it. Word travels fast.

We also noticed that there is absolutely no notice, entering the tubs, that you are entering an area that is clothing-optional. That sign is on what is now the back (and the entire time we were there locked) side of the tubs/sauna. We felt a strong feeling from some of the other guests that clothing optional was not appropriate. And surprise from some of the other guests who just didn’t know.

Our accommodations were wonderful. The scenery is gorgeous. It was just the mellow welcoming feeling that Doe Bay has always had that seemed to be missing. I sincerely hope that that feeling can reassert itself.

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