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Men in Kilts!

Men in Kilts!
Women in Kilts!
Kids in Kilts!
Kilts! Kilts! Kilts!

We (gymgeek, axl and Phil) went to the Scottish Highland Games in Enumclaw today. It was great fun. We watched border collies, dancers, listened to pipers and drummers (gotta love the swirly drumsticks), debated eating haggis (no one did), some shopping, more pipers and drummers, saw fuzzy baby cows (Highland Cows are longhairs and the babies are really really cute!), watched strong men in kilts toss cabers end over end, heave sheaves of straw 20 feet in the air, and throw a hammer 70 feet. and got a really good sunburn.

But it was tons of fun.

If you're in the area, it goes all day again tomorrow.


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Jul. 28th, 2002 09:20 am (UTC)

Lucy met Chris!!!

I got very drunk on Friday night! Sooooooooooo drunk. As in, people had to hold me up type of drunk.
Jul. 28th, 2002 09:56 am (UTC)
Oh my god!

To both of those things!!!!!

Was it instant true love?

You okay the next morning?

Sounsd like y'all are having fun!!!

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