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Good Shopping Day!

It's sad when a nursery is going out of business, but very happy that they mark everything down to at least 50% off.....

So today i got a new fairy rose (unmarked, but white and red bicolor blooms), a HUGE (think 2 1/2 feet across) pot of shasta daisies, and two big hanging baskets for about under $50 bucks...

Then my friend Bobbi, who's going through an "I'm through with roses" phase in her gardening development, gifted me with a 7 foot tall Don Juan climbing rose. Which necessitated a trip to Home Depot to get a big pot and a trellis for the rose. Who could resist gallon lavender for $2.97? Or lupines for $1.97? Or big blue pots of verbena?

All this means that I need to move some things in the yard, since the rose isn't going to fit where I thought it would, but that's okay, I wanted to move some stuff over there anyway. A garden is never done, it's always a work in progress.

And the going-out-of business nursery had some fun earrings too, also at half price. Woo hoo!

And tonight, we're seeing They Might Be Giants.

It's a good day.

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