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Friday, Finally!

4 day weeks always seem longer than 5 day ones.

And since Monday was a vacation day, the rest of this week has d-r-a-g-g-e-d....

But it's almost time to get out of here.

Tonight, I have a good-bye party to visit, and then gymgeek and I are going to The Symphony. We're getting dressed up to go see Bugs Bunny cartoons with symphonic accompaniment. It should be a blast.

Tomorrow, we're finally tackling the bathtub that's needed to be recaulked for two years. We wandered through Home Despot last night to get tools, and, like any good plantaholic, I checked out the nursery, and ended up with two 1-gallon german statice plants, and 1 gallon cosmos (and a new pot). The backyard is looking pretty lush, but I need to do some fill-in and clean up work on the front. I still have some very sad looking rail planters that need some new lifeblood.

And we're going to go do some packing at John's, too. Since we're going to be out of town the weekend he should officially move, we're trying to do as much of it before I go on vacation (mid August) as possible. It may take longer, but it shouldn't be as painful.
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