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Home again, home again...

Back in the office….looking at the gorgeous weather outside and wishing I was still on vacation.

Vacation was a blast, though.

Wednesday, July 3: Got up at the crack of dawn to spend most of the day in planes and airports. Flew from Seattle to Denver, and Denver to Atlanta. gymgeek’s iBook provided good distraction—we watched the first half of Magnolia. sisterfish125 met us at the airport in Atlanta, we collected the luggage (only one piece damaged) and headed to her house to unload. Went out for dinner at a “canadian-styled steakhouse” Really big on Mountie and moose décor—but good food.

Thursday, July 4: Slept in, as you should do on vacation, got treated to fresh, home-made peach ice cream and sourdough bread (two great tastes that taste better apart), lounged around, and took MARTA into the City to go to the Cubs/Braves ball game. The shuttle system for Turner Field is incredibly well-organized, and getting to the field was a breeze. Sat in the sunshine, rooted for the Cubbies (who lost) and had a great time. And there was a big firework celebration afterward, complete with all the smaltzy patriotic music you could want.

Friday, July 5: Slept in (sensing a theme here?) and went shopping. Atlanta has a new Apple Store, and gymgeek really wanted to go. The closest one to home is in San Francisco…and that’s not really close at all. He went, he saw, he shopped. Then we installed him in a comfy chair in the Crate and Barrel furniture section and went shopping in the kitchen gadgets. I did really well. All I bought was a sushi cookbook (which looks really really good!). Grabbed a bite to eat, and then headed toward the hotel to check in for The Reunion. Our rooms weren’t ready, but if we were willing to take a king-sized room instead of the pool-view (with a double bed), they’d upgrade us for free. We took it.

Reunion activities started at 6 with a “reception in the Garden Court”. The Garden Court is the path that runs around the almost-outdoor pool. It was 104 degrees down there, with 99% humidity. And no food or drink service. Apparently, the person who’d been handling all of the arrangements for the reunion on the hotel side “lost his job” not long before the party, and lots of the promised details didn’t happen. So, everyone ended up moving upstairs to the air-conditioned bar, and much alcohol was consumed. In fact, too much alcohol was consumed. Waaaay too much alcohol. We’ll just leave it at that.

Saturday, July 6: Slept in way, way late. Drank lots of water, ate something and headed to The World of Coca-Cola Museum (and Gift Shop). It was a nice walk, even with the heat, and an interesting museum-y place. It’s basically three floors of Coke advertising memorabilia, artifacts and stories. They have a drink bar that serves a range of US-sold Coke products (with a really cool neon fountain) and an international drink bar that serves a range of non-US-sold Coke products, including Mezzo Mix, something gymgeek remembered fondly from living in Germany. (and it still tasted good—the italian soda, Beverly, on the other hand, was awful!) Walked back to the hotel, dressed up and went down to the Dinner & Dance portion of the reunion. It was fun, the DJ must have been really lonely though, because no one was dancing. Lots of pictures. Lots of conversation. Lots of realizing that most of those folks are waaaaay more conservative than I’ve ever dreamed of being. I blew a lot of bubbles. :)

Okay, this is getting way long, more later!
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