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They were such grand plans..........

....John was going over to his new house to haul boxes, and unpack stuff and I was going to clean at home. The house is a pit, and driving me nuts.

Picked up Safeway Chinese for a quick dinner, and we were off.....

Okay, maybe a quick soak before I start cleaning. Pop into the tub, talk with the cat (who loves to perch on the side of the tub, most of the time successfully), and the phone rings.

It's John, calling from the new house.

Get out, towel off, head for the phone.
Ring. ring. Ring. ring. Ring. ring. Ring.
I figure he's upstairs, being productive.

Maybe I'll watch a little baseball before getting started.

Back door opens. John's back! Too much paint fume at the new house to stay in and work.

Maybe we'll curl up on the couch and watch a little TV....

(I did, finally, motivate, do a couple loads of laundry and dig out most of the bedroom (which was being taken over by out of control clothing.).

Tomorrow....the living room (I mean, I've been home from vacation for two weeks. That suitcase needs to be put away...oh, and emptied, first.)
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