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4 Good Reasons to Cheer.

It's Friday!
It's Sunny!
It's Payday!
It's the start of a long weekend!

Hip hip hooray!!!! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip Hooray!

Yesterday afternoon at the ballpark was glorious. Our seats are in left field, behind Ichiro, about 30 rows up. It was sunny, it was warm, there was lots of eye candy, and the M's played a good game. John Olerud's home run landed about 6 rows in front of us. It felt so good to sit out there in the sunshine.

Since it was an afternoon game, I was home shortly after 7, and gymgeek and I went out for thai food. Mmmm. Ginger chicken and pad thai, and for a treat, thai ice-tea. Went home, let things settle a little, and headed to the gym for a decent workout. I'm starting to have real muscles. It's a Good Thing (tm).

Tonight, I think we're hanging with axl and then tomorrow morning, we head for the wilds of Eastern Washington, over to Walla Walla for a long weekend, to help out the folks. I see a weekend with lots of yard work in it. But that's okay, it should be warm over there.
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