The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

Adventures in Air Travel.

3:15 Leave for the airport.
3:50 Arrive at airport, check in for 5:05 flight.
5:05 Announcement that "A maintenance truck has pulled up to the aircraft, we're not sure what's happening."
5:30 Announcement "The part that the airplane needs isn't in Seattle, and will be here at 9 p.m."
5:35 Go to call Mom and tell her I don't know when I'll be there, but not at 6:05 (I'm only going to Walla Walla, you see)
5:40 Announcement "Flight 2098 is cancelled. Please see agent for rebooking".
6:00 Rebooked for 10:35 flight, have meal vouchers worth 13 bucks, 1000 free airmiles and a 10 minute phone card.
6:05 Call Mom, tell her I'll be there at 11:35. She tells me to get a cab (they don't drive after dark!)
6:06- Read, eat, people-watch.
9:15 Go back to the boarding area. Learn the flight is horridly overbooked. Wait until they up the offer for volunteering to give
up a seat to a free ticket anywhere Alaska/Horizon flights, get cab fare home.
9:45 Show up at John's house, surprising him.
9:46 Learn that he was on his way to my house to sleep.
10:41 Going to bed in my own bed. Booked for a 7:30 flight in the morning.
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