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Plant Sales I Didn't Go To.

The Friends of the Arboretum Plant sale was this weekend.

I didn't go. I'm like a junkie with plants. Some people can't go in a bar and not have a drink. I can't go in a nursery and not get a plant. And I just don't have much plant money in the budget this month, so I didn't go.

The Seattle Tilth Edible (and more) plant sale is this coming weekend. I'm not going to go to that one, either (I'm going to be out of town.). I may send a wish list though, if someone else goes...I really loved the black plum tomato I got there last year. I should have saved seeds, but I didn't. And I only need one or two plants...

I did, however, acquire new plants this weekend. My friend Bobbi, in her neverending quest to find perfection in her yard, decided to move some roses to a different place---my house! Woo hoo! So tonight, when I get home, I get to plant roses...some in the ground, some in pots.

And then I found some more seeds that I'd forgotten I'd bought.
Red Flax, monkey flowers (I can't decide whether I want to do a couple pots of these, or direct seed them into the ground...or maybe both!), and a "shade flower mix" which is a mix of annual and perennial.

And, to top it all off, it's a gorgeous, sunny day, with high temps expected in the mid-to-upper 60s. I'm taking a short lunch and getting out of here as early as I can.
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