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More tests....

It's a Tie!

Want To Know Which Element You Are?

Contrary to what some might believe,
you are not all physical. Sure, the flesh is there (so why not enjoy it?!), but you can be passionate
about knowledge just as much. Though sometimes prone to be spontaneous, you are on the hunt for things
that make you happy. Only have one life to live, right? Just need to learn when to cool down a bit so
that you don't forget about friends and family.

Best Match: Earth, to keep you grounded at times;
Water, only one's to put up with your wild side.
Worst Match: Air, there is nothing worse then a person
who gets more wrapped up in themselves then you do!

Stuck between the sky and the ground, you lack
the sudden impulse that Air has but are unable to root yourself down like Earth. Though you have troubles
finishing projects, people can depend on you for the most part (even if it means pulling a few all-nighters).
On the plus side, you are extremely adaptable and thus can adjust to any situation. Sure, you might not like
it, but it doesn't weigh you down.

Best Match: Fire, just enough 'oomph' to keep your interest.

Worst Match: Spirit, you'll be out the door before they make up their minds.

wasted a bunch of time making this test.

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