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Afternoon Delight!

No, not that kind....

Had to work for a few hours this morning, but was finished by 10:30, met gymgeek and axl for brunch at Queen Anne Cafe, sent them off to the movies (I just wasn't up to seeing Lord of the Rings again, mostly to see the new trailer for The Two Towers) and went out and worked in the yard.

I love to work in my yard. I added 6 yards of new soil to my woefully unhappy, rocky soil. You could almost hear the daylilies sigh with pleasure. Finally took the pruners to my brave penstemon, which bloomed until December. I'm going to try to slip-start some plants from cuttings, so we'll see. Decided that the purple penstemons would be happier in the bed, rather than in a big pot.
Since my house is a rental, I sometime think I should have most things in pots, for ease of moving. In reality, I just know that it'll take an entire weekend of digging when I move.

Planted daylilies (15 Crimison Pirate, mostly as filler plants, 5 others ranging from white with purple throats to chocolate colored with red throats); divided the geum that threatened to take over the garden last year, moved the hollyhocks from their little pots to a nice,new sunny bed, potted hostas and potted hostas and potted hostas. There's 24 of them. I want to get them a little stronger before putting them out in the yard.

Did lots of cleaning and weed pulling, and plotting about what's going to go where and why.
I need to soak my sweet peas and get them in the ground this week.
I need to figure out where to plant the clematis that are coming next week. (pots, I think).
I really need to get warm weather seeds started. I'd like to go out and buy a flourescent light for that project, but i think I'm going to try to make do without it. Maybe I'll go by Home Despot and see what a hanging fixture costs....

But right now, I think I need a shower. We're heading to gymgeek's parents tonight, and my sister's for Easter dinner tomorrow.

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