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Chili Haiku

"Eat chili, drink wine.
AV Chili Cookoff Time.
Hot Chili. Cold Booze.

Today was Chili Cookoff Day at Active Voice. Now in it's 12th year, the chili cookoff sparks creativity, and slows e-mail to a slow crawl in the hours before the bash....as rival chili gangs trash-talk and promote their own. Ours was Vino Chili....endorsed by many famous chefs, including the Iron Ones.

Even if we didn't win, we scored a moral victory....by the end of the afternoon, almost every e-mail was in haiku form--even the trash-talking ones. We admit to gaining our inspiration from this Iron Chef Haiku site.

Haiku hurt your brain?
Now you can restore your soul.
Eat Vino Chili"

It's fun to work at a fun company that encourages employees to do fun things. I think sometimes we forget that.