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Spring Fever

This could have been me, except for the blooming lily.

I have spring fever in the worst way. But on my excursion of the yard the other day (the crocus are peeking up, the wood hyacinths are starting to bud, the tulips are a couple inches high--not bad for being planted in January--) I discovered slugs.

It's FEBRUARY. Slugs should not be hanging out in my garden IN FEBRUARY!

So, before I leave for the weekend, it's time for a coating of slug deterrent. Last year, I tried to manage them organically--by picking them off, and giving them beer--but it didn't seem to make much of a dent. This year, I'm going to start out with Correy's pet/people safe slug repellent, and hope that it doesn't get as bad.

I have a bunch of hostas and daylilies that need to get into the ground, soon. I can't decide whether to put the hostas in the not-so-great soil, or to invest in some largish terra cotta pots, pot them individually, and stick them back where I want them. The daylilies will all go in the day lily bed, which this year, should be fairly spectacular.

Okay, enough dreaming about spring. Time to go back to work.

Oh, and Don's giving me roses that he's pulling out. I'm envisioning big pots on the front patio brimming with english roses. Life is good.
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