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Heading to Walla Walla tomorrow.

Dad's home from the hospital, feeling better, seems he had a little colony of teeny-tiny bleeding ulcers in his stomach. None, by themselves, big enough to do major harm, but combined they managed to make him rather weak and sick.
I have to believe that he's much better or else they wouldn't have sent him home. Still, I'm heading over to check out the situation and help Mom out for a couple days.


My house looks like a tornado struck. I think I'm going to work off nervous energy tonight by staying up late and cleaning house. Suddenly, my 3 day weekend to be domestic is turned into Friday night and Saturday until noon to be domestic.


I want a standard poodle.

Growing up, we had standard poodles and minature dashaunds. A strange combination I'm sure, but....
Tonight, walking from one end of the Hill to the other, I saw three standard poodles--one black, one white-apricot, and one chocolate brown--all smart, well-behaved, friendly and happy.

I want a standard poodle.

(I wouldn't mind having a minature weiner-dog, either!)


I'm really, really glad it's Friday


This is the end of week two of being the only HR person on staff, and you know, it's busy. I do love doing HR work, especially when it's people-oriented. Since the NEC acquistion, it seems that more and more of what I'm doing is process-oriented, which isn't as satisfying.
We'll see what happens.


I'm really glad that I have good friends who have been my sounding boards this week. Without them, I'd just have to listen to the thoughts rattle around in my head, clanging, making lots of racket and not always making sense. Thanks especially to John, Michele and Bobbi for simply being there.


It's freezing in here. Time to stop rambling, go turn up the heat, and start cleaning.

Y'all be good, y'hear?
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