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I Am a Good Kitty Mommy.

Heaven hath no joy like a cat with a fresh clean litterbox.

Or at least my cat with a fresh clean litterbox.

She's a digger, my Sophia is. She'd never be happy with a littermaid that only lets her have an inch or so of litter. Where's the fun in digging in that? It helps that her litterbox is in an enclosed place, so the litter she kicks up has some chance of landing back into the box.

Sometimes it's just the little things.


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Feb. 6th, 2002 06:27 pm (UTC)
C'mon now! The littermaid accomplishes much more than just digging...it scoops itself!
(that's a bonus in my book)

Patches liked watching it scoop when we first got it. I think she wanted to know what it was doing with her uh, poop. Now, she doesn't like it when she goes to my parents house and has to use a manual-scooping litterbox. She doesn't think it's clean enough or something...
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