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Just how much lettuce....

....does Helsing Farms think we can eat? Another box of produce, another 5 heads of lettuce. Oh well, it was a great excuse to go get a new salad spinner (albeit, not as cool as the salad spinner at BWH, but still) and make big batches of pre-made salad.

At least it's healthy....and they did give us a good recipe for green goddess dressing.

Played soccer last night, against a team that's no fun to play against. It's not just that they're better than we are (they're killing EVERYONE in our division), they just go about it with such a ruthless intensity that it's not fun. We're beginners, for Christ sake, we're out to learn to play the game and have fun. It's not fun when the opposing teams sole objective seems to be "how hard can they shoot the ball directly at you" and when they cheat. One of their female players (and it just irks me, you can tell), goes sailing to the ground any time one of our male players gets within 3 feet of her. Hell, I think a stiff breeze would knock her down, trying to get a charging foul. Add to the mix an inexperienced, inconsistent referee....well, you get the picture.

But it's okay. We're playing to have fun, and next week it will be fun again. (And we didn't lose as badly as we did the first time we played them, so it was an achievement, of sorts.
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