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Amazing what....

a stellar bowl of wonton noodle soup and a good night's sleep can do for a girl.

Noodle soup has been one of my comfort foods for a long time. Sometimes, it's been a really good thing, since noodle soup is usually relatively inexpensive, and sometimes poverty needs comfort, too.

Last night, after an abortive trip to Judy Fu (or Fung's, I never remember) Snappy Dragon (waaaaay too many people in line), we ended up at Inn Bin---an extremely nondescript Chinese place at Market & 8th NW. Inn Bin has some of the best noodle soup in this city, I swear. John had yummy looking orange chicken. I had enough noodle soup to have it for breakfast in bed (granted, I had to get up, go warm it up and bring it back to bed, but still.)

It's a sunny, crisp looking day, and we have leaves to finish raking and take to the dump (or transfer station, for the politically correct!).


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Feb. 3rd, 2002 12:12 pm (UTC)
No Free Leaves...
We learned, after we'd waited in at the dump, and then were too far in to turn around, that unlike recycle, yard waste cannot be dumped for free.

So, I think we're going to start a little compost pile. :) It's not worth $11.05 a truckload to dump leaves. We'll wait for the yard waste pickup and be creative.
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