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Amazing what....

a stellar bowl of wonton noodle soup and a good night's sleep can do for a girl.

Noodle soup has been one of my comfort foods for a long time. Sometimes, it's been a really good thing, since noodle soup is usually relatively inexpensive, and sometimes poverty needs comfort, too.

Last night, after an abortive trip to Judy Fu (or Fung's, I never remember) Snappy Dragon (waaaaay too many people in line), we ended up at Inn Bin---an extremely nondescript Chinese place at Market & 8th NW. Inn Bin has some of the best noodle soup in this city, I swear. John had yummy looking orange chicken. I had enough noodle soup to have it for breakfast in bed (granted, I had to get up, go warm it up and bring it back to bed, but still.)

It's a sunny, crisp looking day, and we have leaves to finish raking and take to the dump (or transfer station, for the politically correct!).
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