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Last night was productive....

.....We went out for dinner (chinese, yummy), and then up to Best Buy. I'd never been inside a Best Buy. What a mish-mash of stuff for sale! Washing machines and refrigerators next to CD's and DVD's.

But each of us got a "first season" DVD Collection. M.A.S.H for John--all 24 of the first seasons episodes, uncut--and Buffy the Vampire Slayer for me. Came home, John set up the DVD player (which hadn't been set up since I rearranged all the furniture) and started watching M.A.S.H.--from the beginning. I would have joined him, but the kitchen needed some serious attention, so I cleaned and rearranged and listened to him laugh and provide commentary. A pleasant way to spend an evening, and a clean kitchen to boot.

Today's question: If you were going to be stranded on a island for 10 years, no worry about basic needs, and could only select two musical artists to have their collected works, who would you chose?

John: NIN and Stan Getz.
Me: Beethoven and Ella Fitzgerald.

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