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Lazy, lazy weekend

Really, I did get dressed this weekend.

I even went outside the house for a few hours yesterday---when it started spitting snow, and Dee-Dee said that it was snowing at her house, I decided to run the errands that needed to be run--getting pet food, going to the grocery store, "Hey, Avenue is having a killer sale"--and then get home before the snow hit.

Well, it never hit. It's finally down to 32, but now there's no precipitation. My odds of being snowed in tomorrow look fairly slim. Oh well.

Today, though, I confess, I've never gotten dressed. It was pj pants, tshirt, sweater and big fuzzy slippers all day. I did get things done, I just never had to get dressed to do any of them.

Dinner for tomorrow is ready to toss into the crockpot in the morning, I cleaned out my bedside nightstand, and work calls tomorrow, so it's time to hit the sack.
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