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Now, they'll never visit us...

A few of our friends were a little concerned when we moved to "the hood" of South Seattle.

Notorious in the late 80s for gangs and poverty, I don't think our neighborhood actually ever went that way (despite the gang watch neighborhood sign on the light pole on the corner). When we were deciding, we looked at crime stats for where we lived then (Queen Anne, Zip 98109) and here (Seattle, 98178), and discovered that there was actually more crime on Queen Anne than there was here.

We're not really in the hood, we're just kind of close to it, in some ways. Most of the problems are down towards Skyway (2-3 miles south), or north of Rainier Beach (1-2 miles north). We're in the kind of gentrified neighborhoods in the middle.

This afternoon, sometime between the time I got home from some friends, about 3:30, and 5:30, someone burgled our house---while we were home! (Wikipedia tells me that burglary is the same as breaking and entering--entering with the intent to commit a crime). I was outside doing yardwork, John was upstairs in the office playing City of Heroes. We discovered this when the neighbor behind us came to find me to tell me "a bunch of your stuff is in my side yard". 2 tote bags, 2 purses and my lunch bag, all of which were in the living room or dining room, had all been emptied into Scott's yard--including the purse that I'd had when I went over to Dawn & Leo's this afternoon.

When we're home, we routinely leave the back door cracked for the kitties. I think those days are gone.

It doesn't actually appear that anything more than a couple bucks is gone. All the id, credit cards, etc was there in a pile. My phone was there, the keys were there. A pile of change was missing from the dining room table, but John's phone, keys and wallet were all still there. My ipod was sitting on the bookshelf. Still there. Lots of power tools between by the back door. Still there. I even found a dollar tucked into one of the pockets of the purses, so they didn't spend much time looking. I had a ceramic vase in my lunch bag (I'd brought it home from the office, due to our move), and it wasn't even broken.

I'm just irritated, more than anything. Talked with all the neighbors to let them know what had happened, so we're all keeping our eyes out, the nice cop who came by (we called the non-emergency number to report, and they send someone since it was apparent someone had been in the house), remarked that it was pretty bold, in the middle of the afternoon, with people home. And that they dumped/went through everything in plain sight of the back of the house. Although, there is easy access due to the fact that two sections of the fence are out. He gave us a report form in case we discovered anything else missing, but I don't think that there is.

Just irritated. But my purses all got to get cleaned out today! Guess it's maybe time to think about getting that fence back up to at least slow someone down! Grr.
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