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Every little thing is magic...

I've been kind of quiet lately, just puttering around enjoying life.

Today, I'm quiet because I have no voice. My throat is thrashed for a very good cause--1980's rock and roll revival.

They're back!

The Police rocked last night at Key Arena. We were up in the rafters--you know, in the cheap, almost $100 seats--but it was still totally awesome. They rocked for a full two hours--came back for three encores, and really seemed to have a great time. The Arena was packed--it was like a bikram yoga session--hot and steamy, with people contorting (hey, it's hard to dance in narrow aisle!), but if they were playing again tonight, I'd be out there trying to buy a ticket.

I think they could almost tour without singing--they play the music, the crowd would sing it all, but it was great.

In other news, John is off camping in Missouri. It's the first time in over two years we haven't slept in the same place. The bed seemed really really big (there's a Police song in there!), but the cats kept me company. I'll be happy when he's home again.

Tomorrow is the Master Gardeners Annual Conference, so I'm up at the crack of dawn to catch a ferry to go over to Port Townsend.
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