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Another couple of productive hours in the yard today. Watered in the new lilacs--most of them look very happy, a couple are a little droopy, but that's to be expected when you're forceably uprooted and moved across town.

Finished mulching my shady bed with this wonderful cocoa mulch that madarab and onierus gave me for Christmas. The bed smells like dutch processed cocoa, and is supposed to be a natural slug deterrent. I told that to the slug that was crawling across where I mulched a couple weeks ago, before sending him to sluggy heaven. I'm going to have to get a couple more bags of it for the back daylily bed.

Planted some dog tooth violets--a little late, but hopefully they'll make it, transplanted columbines. Found the blue delphenium seed I meant to cold-start, so I'll get it started now. I could have stayed out for many more hours, but we're headed to Puyallup, and it's trying to rain.
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