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Putting the Garden to Bed.

200 bulbs and 15 cubic feet of mulch later, I declare it to be a productive gardening day. Most of the front yard is ready for winter. Another couple bags of mulch for the parking strip, and it'll be done.

It's been so wet it's been hard to get into the groove. Even if it wasn't raining, it was too wet to get into the soil and get things done. Thankfully, it's been dry for a couple days, so I could get in and plant what I'd ordered from Colorblends. I tucked a hundred of the Standing Ovation into the front hill, and scatted a hundred Tete-a-tet around the front hill and the beds lining the front walk. Then I spread the mulch. Gardening is good exercise. :)

One of the upsides of scattering the bulbs through meant that I got in there and did a pretty thorough job of winter weeding, before spreading the mulch. It's amazing what a difference a nice layer of mulch makes. It just all looks pulled together.

Now, I just have to hope that the first weekend in December is dry. I still have another hundred assorted daffodils (mostly mixes from Home Depot), other tulips, alliums and some dog-toothed violets to get into the ground. For the back yard, I'm hoping to run the mower over the fallen leaves and use them a mulch for the back beds.

I'm thinking of getting some black plastic, and covering the areas that are slated for becoming new flower beds in the spring. It might be easier just to take up the sod in the spring, though...

Tomorrow, I need to go spend a few hours in the office. Spent a lot of time this week training the new front desk temp, so just need to get caught up on some stuff--with the Holiday next week, it's a short week, and we're heading to Vegas on Friday morning to celebrate snorklet's birthday. And seeing as tomorrow has a 90% chance of rain, today was the better day for gardening.

I just took a long hot soak with a trashy Nora Roberts novel. Time for some hot tea and motrin. Andre tried to break my legs off during my training session last night, and spending hours crouching, lunging and bending is probably going to add to the pain. :)
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