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Who Are You?

Or rather, who am I?

"Dear Ms. Safranek:

Thank you for your recent passport application. However, we need your help in providing additional docuentation to further establish your identity.

Unfortunately, the identification you provided is not sufficient for passport purposes....

Please complete, sign and date the enclosed supplemental sheet and submit it together with photocopies of at least five (5) personal documents to help confirm your identity. Plus submit identification showing either name/photo (with issue date) or name/signature (with issue date).. Failure to comply with this request will result in a delay for any future requests.

United States Department of State
Charleston Passport Center"

I applied in person. Isn't the person who takes the application supposed to verify the identity documents? Oh well, time to make photo copies of lots of things (having the name change makes it even more fun), and send them off.
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