The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

Time for bed...

Nice, busy day on the domestic homefront today.....

Slept in a little (stayed up a little late last night after going out to see The Black Dahlia, which I recommend as an excellent modern film noir story), and started puttering about cleaning things that have just kind of gotten undone in the house....installed a shoe rack in the downstairs closet, boxed up all the stuff going to goodwill (5 big boxes worth), cleaned off the dining room table, cleaned off the coffee table, sorted stuff from the closet, sorted recycle, unpacked some books, sorted magazines, did laundry, and finished reading my book club book.

John's folks came up at 3, and I confess, time had gotten away from me. We hadn't gone grocery shopping yet, so John and his mom went off in search of fennel for dinner, with no luck. I think they were hungry while shopping, because they came home with lots of yummy cheese: cheddar with mustard seed, that port-wine cheese spread, double glouster, brie, some sharp bleu....lots of snacks to go with wine while dinner cooked. Since there was no fennel to be had, we had chicken and broccoli with gorganzola, salad (with fresh veggies from the garden) and quinoa and cous-cous.

After dinner, and ice cream bars for dessert, the folks (and grandma) headed home, we sat down to watch the first season of House (we're through episode 4 now), and fold laundry.

After House, dishes were done, and now it's time for bed....and I've never gotten out of my pajamas today! :)
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