The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

Don't want this weekend to end...

It's been a great weekend.

The weather has been beautiful.
Friday night, we had John's family up for dinner--they got here about the same time we got home from work, but it all came together quickly.

Saturday, I puttered a little in the yard, we went to the gym, to Archie McPhee's, out for dinner with Mark, then came home, curled up and watched "The Constant Gardener".

Today, slept in, ate breakfast, headed downtown to get tickets for the Seattle International Film Festival. We ended up with a lot of documentaries, and tickets to the Strangers with Candy movie and gala afterward. Here's keeping fingers crossed that Amy Sedaris and/or Stephen Colbert will be in attendance. *crosses fingers* Came home and got serious about getting last weekend's haul of plants into the ground. Moved an antique peony, planted my new Caryopteris (called Black Knight), three cerinthe majors, two salvia 'Volcano" (they're darkish purple foliage with white flowers, perennial) and three verbascum (two rose and 1 white) among the whithering tulip foliage in the flowerbed by the front walk. Popped a dozen old fashioned stocks into pots for the front steps, and planted a dozen nigella 'Miss Jekyll" under the roses and daylilies on the other side. I still have a bunch of veggies to get into the ground, decisions to make about whether we're building another raised bed or just getting a couple more half wine barrels, and bunches of zinnias and snapdragons to plant in the back flower bed. Hopefully tomorrow after work...The lupines that I brought home from John's mom seem to be happy in the bed where I put them. Nancy predicts they'll spread like weeds, and that's perfectly fine with me. :)
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