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Happy Earth Day!

I spent many hours dealing with earth today--mostly digging grass out of it in tarsyddad's yard.

We edged (expanding beds by a good almost foot, hooray!), and weeded, and freed plants from the tyranny of the invading grass.

Then we visited home depot and made even more work for ourselves. :) I bought strawberries for the strawberry pot, and a pretty pink Spanish lavender that just leaped into my another garbage can for the Great Potato Experiment. (3 cans, three different potatoes, directions from Ciscoe Morris---let's hope it works!).

Even got my first sunburn of the spring. Woo! Gotta love being a fair-haired, fair-skinned girl. It's just a little pink, but enough to know that I was outside in a tank top.

Tomorrow morning, I work in my own yard. :)
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