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Back to the Grind...

Sitting here listening to Bobbi McFerrin do amazing things with his voice makes the day go faster. It'll be nice to be mostly caught up coming in tomorrow.

Decided that since John had to work today, I'd come in and start digging out from being gone for over a week. I'm pleasantly surprised to find a not-overwhelming amount of e-mail in my inbox. Hooray! There's only one or two other people here today (it's officially a company holiday), so it's very quiet and peaceful.

Tomorrow, I get to figure out what happened to my email. It looks like they set up a new mailbox for my new name, and that my old e-mail is forwarding to the new box, I just can't get to it. Luckily, it only happened on Friday, so it's only one day of email that I can't get to today. Reminded Help Desk not to reply via email since I won't see it.

Had a very relaxing day yesterday, went down to Puyallup to hang out with John's folks and eat a yummy dinner of rolauden. We also watched the wedding for the first time. It's very different watching it than being in it. I cried all over again--tears of happiness, to be sure. I'm glad that it looks like we're having as much fun as we had.
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