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In the year 2006 I resolve to:

Swallow more, spit less.

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Don't know why, exactly, I haven't updated LJ in nearly a month. I read it every day, honest, but just haven't had a lot to say.

Active Voice is closed all week this week. Hooray! I did end up working most of the day yesterday, to finalize some payroll stuff (payroll schedules don't care about company closures), and have spent the rest of the time working on my wedding dress. It's more than halfway done, at this point, (not counting hemming), for those of you following along at home.

I find myself being really nostalgic and missing my mom as I've been sitting here sewing. My machine is my Mom's old Singer Golden Touch 'n Sew, circa 1974. I love this machine. It was a fancy machine in it's day, and is still good and dependable. Mom taught me to sew on this machine. I made doll clothes, and then started a cottage camp shirt industry one summer. All of us girls had matching jungle print camp shirts. And now, I'm sewing my wedding dress. I wish Mom were here to kibbutz about it.

It must just be part of the season and missing her. Christmas Eve Day, I went hunting for the rest of the china--which was packed in boxes marked "China"--but not indicating what kind of china it might be. A couple of the boxes were simply a treasure trove of things I'd almost forgotten we packed when we packed their house. I found my favorite red cake plate (which I honestly thought my niece had gotten), so it was like a Christmas present. Then Christmas Day, one of Mom's trinkets--an elephant vase from the 1968 GOP Convention, turned up in the family white elephant (apropos, no?) gift exchange. John worked with me to be sure that we took it home, even if it meant stealing it from my teenaged great-nephew.

It's funny, this time of year, I think about mom a lot. She frequently got blue around the holidays. Her only brother was killed on Christmas Eve in France in 1944 (I think). But she always did the holidays. When I was little, Santa not only brought presents, he brought and decorated the tree. When I was a little older, we'd help out by getting the tree for Santa, but he'd still decorate it. That's why Christmas trees are supposed to go up on Christmas Eve! :)
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