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Sunday reality

Today is the last day of ugly hi-low gold colored carpet in our house. We've affectionately called it dropcloth for a year, and today, it goes away.

EDIT We decided to start with the stairway, thinking it'd be a nice, easy rip. It took all fricking day. It looks like there had been another carpet and pad on there at some point, put down with carpet nails, and when the carpet was replaced, they didn't pull all the extra nails, and just added more staples than any carpet and pad could ever need to be solid.

God bless Merle and his over-engineering of everything in this house. When we moved in, anything that had been hanging on the wall was attached with a molly-bolts or drywall anchors. No routine picture hooks for that family. Our fence has a foot deep concrete footing, all the way around the back yard, with iron pipe uprights sunk into the concrete. The house is well built, though, and for that, we're doubly thankful.

But damned tired of staples, large and small and carpet nails.

Some friends have agreed to help us pull the rest of the carpet on Tuesday. I will have hardwood floors by the weekend.

Here's hoping that the floor underneath is as good as all the other parts where we've removed the carpet. The stairs? Wonderful, except for excessive nail holes!

A group of us went to see Rent last night. They did a good job, I think, of translating it to a movie format. I really hadn't listened to it for a long time, but found myself singing along (in my head, of course) to all the songs....and bawling my eyes out at Angel's funeral (along with everyone else in our group...and most of the theatre!).

Afterwards, went and hung out at Red Robin, where I confirmed, once and for all, that my body is no longer used to eating a lot of high fat stuff. After sharing fried cheese and a bowl of baked potato soup, once again experienced heartburn in the middle of the night. I guess it's just easier to eat more healthy stuff. :)

42 days.

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