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Things that make me smile...

....finding the painted heart and our initials on the back of the bookcases we painted a couple summers ago.

....finally finishing painting the upstairs hallway/landing. It's a nice, happy Celery Ice, and looks clean and fresh. The purple bookcases are going to look fantastic out there!

....making my boss laugh with the comment "You've got to admit, there's a certain attraction to having an ocean between you and your boss...." and then adding "present company excluded, of course.".

....having the bus driver tease me about being the first on (to the 6:59 #7, at 5th & Virginia) and the last off (at 63rd & Prentice, 45 minutes later).

....kitties playing with balls of blue paint tape. They look confused when the ball sticks to their paws.

....knowing that John's business trip is more than half over.

....tomorrow's Friday! Woo!

I'm not going to be as ready for final paint coat as I hoped for Saturday, but it'll still really help to have help with the primer, and maybe some color. The walls are all pretty big and open, so if we get the primer done on Saturday, I should be able to get a lot of it painted on Sunday, even if I'm doing it by myself. Tomorrow night, though, I think I have to pass on burlesque to stay home and sand the rest of the spackly bits and wash the walls with TSP. Oh the joys of a (not for much longer) single homeowner, alone on a Friday night... I've started hauling stuff out of there, but there's a lot of stuff in those two rooms. More than I thought. Ugh.

Okay, off to read for an hour, then give John his 7 am UK time wakeup call.
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