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V. Productive

Keeping busy is a good thing.

Now that I figured out that the city code works only by dropping the leading zero, and could manage to call John's hotel in the UK, life is better.

Yesterday was a very productive day. The weather was great for gardening, and I finished up a lot of projects that I'd been putting off because of the weather. The week of rain made digging out the dandelions very easy. I pulled all the weeds and stray grasses from the parking strip and added about 5 wheelbarrows full of dirt to one of the front walk beds that desperately needed it. Moved the pineapple sage from it's getting-too-small pot to a nice place by the front steps, where it can happily expand, and gave the ceonanthus a place to ramble over some rocks. Finally planted the indestructible iceland poppies from their garden containers into pots. They're still putting out lots of new buds, and it's NOVEMBER. They apparently don't understand Spring/Summer blooming. Now, I just have a bunch of bulbs to plant, and we're pretty good to go in the front yard. The back yard still needs a good day of work back there. There's a bed to dig out, daylilies to transplant, and daffodils to plant. Also need to dig the ginger, so it can go somewhere with a little more sun next year. Maybe I'll toss it in with the herbs, even though it's an ornamental, and not a culinary. Hrm...

Still trying to decide whether it's worth the bother of layering newspaper and such over the beds I want to dig out in the spring (to kill the grass over the winter) or if I should simply strip out the grass in the springtime. I'm leaning towards the latter.

After gardening for several hours, and rearranging the shed so everything fits in, with room to move around, I worked on the painting project upstairs. Sanded down the spackle, cleaned up the plaster dust, then washed the walls down with TSP (TSP Substitute, really, but...). It's amazing how much grime comes off of walls that really don't look dirt. Tonight, it's home to prime the walls, go to the gym, then come home and call John before he heads off for his day. Tuesday, new paint!!
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