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According to real-time flight tracking, John's somewhere over the Great Lakes right now, with another 6 hours to go before he lands at Heathrow.

It's going to be really, really strange to sleep by myself tonight. (well, myself and two cats, but they're usual fixtures on the bed). I think the last time we were apart overnight was when I spent the nights at the hospital when Dad was dying. And that's been almost two years. I'm spoiled, and I know it. It's going to be a long 9 days.

So, I'm planning on keeping myself busy, and working on a bunch of projects that have been simmering....Tomorrow, I'm going to take several gallons of paint to home depot and ask them to shake it up for me, since it's been sitting for several months....okay, almost a year, and then start painting....Some friends offered to come over and help with the living room next weekend, so I'm going to spend evenings sanding and priming, and getting ready. Woo!

The other thing I'm going to do this week is kickstart back on to the eating plan. The current eating plan isn't accomplishing what I want to do, luckily, the working out three times a week is keeping me from gaining weight. Time to get the nutrition and exercise back on the same path again. I'm so proud of John for the changes he's made in the past few months, he's my inspiration.

Okay, off to watch some Devine Design, and early to bed. Oh the exciting life of a girl home alone on a rainy Saturday night.

And speaking of that, ENOUGH ALREADY. I still have yard work to do. I can't do it in the pouring rain.
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