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Woo hoo! For the first time in over a month, we have hot water easily available at the kitchen sink! Woo!

One of the joys of owning an older home is that sometimes the fixtures border on the antique. Let's just call them "non-standard". We were able to order a faucet from home-depot, but it wasn't one they carried in regular stock.

Then, once we got it home, and screwed up the courage to install it, we discovered what looked like bad pipes in the wall. That's when we made the call to Rad Dyke Plumber aka Zan of Zan's Plumbing. We've seen her ads for years on the back of The Stranger and heard her ads on AM1090. She rocks.

John stayed home to deal with house stuff yesterday morning--a service visit from the oil folks and Zan. When she got there, she determined that the pipes probably didn't need to be replaced--which was nice. Other handymen would have simply replaced them and charged us through the nose. She said "I don't think you need that yet", installed the faucet and it's wonderful and works. I think it helps to have knowledge and the right tools. :)

Life is good. We have a programmable thermostat (on our 1940s era furnace) and hot water. Woo.
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