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I need another weekend...

...because I had so much damned fun on this one.

No, really, I did.

Saturday, I got to sleep in a tiny bit, then went to an interesting class on dahlias. Then I went to work for a while, which wasn't so interesting, but necessary. Then home, and off to dinner at Von's (yum) and Serenity.
I laughed, I cried, I "oh-my-god'd" and I loved it.

Sunday, we slept in and it was heavenly. Did some house stuff, ran a bunch of errands, then sat down to do the invitations. I think we had fun doing them---it was nice to be sitting there together, drinking tea and working on a project that makes us both grin. The first batch is in the mail! Hooray!

Tonight, more work on those, and the gym.

Tomorrow, we finally fix the faucet in the kitchen. Doing dishes with hot water from the bathroom or heated in the tea kettle is getting old. I would have made a lousy pioneer!
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