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Two Weekends. Two Projects.

Hooray! You know how it is, you make these lists in your head of the things you want to get accomplished over the weekend, and somehow you get sidetracked and it never actually really happens?

For the last two weekends, we've accomplished the major project that we said we were going to do. Woo!

Last weekend, the project was pulling carpet out of the den, and reorganizing the tv/stereo equipment into its new home. The den has a built in double door closet that is perfect for all that stuff---with the added bonus of being able to close it away when it's not in use, and voila! a nice, cozy room for sitting--without a tv staring you in the face--not to mention gaining another two feet of the room back.

But back to the carpet...our house was built in 1946. When we moved in, there was ugly carpet in the bedroom, the den and the living room dining area. We'd pulled back corners in all of the rooms and know that there's hardwoods underneath. At one point, this carpet was good quality high-low textured carpet, but it's probably 25 years old now, and needs to go. We have high hopes that the floors are in good shape, and that the carpet was put in because that's what you did in the 70s--covered your hardwoods with carpet.

And now, the first room is done. And the hardwood oak parquet in there was in perfect shape. Pulling up that 25 year old tacking strip was a pain, but with a collection of small crowbars, a screwdriver, a hammer, and a piece of the old carpet pad as a protector, it all came up. Next weekend, we have a plan to get the carpet out of the bedroom.

This weekend, our major "to-do" was to retrieve some furniture from my niece's place in Puyallup. When Mom died, I inherited the cherry dining room set--only I lived in that very small house on Queen Anne and really didn't have anyplace to put it. Fortunately, my niece Kelli had just built a big house that had an empty formal dining room, so she wanted to use it for a while. A year passes and they decide to change their un-used dining room into a more functional music room for the kids, and the furniture went into their storage. Well, now that we have a house of our own, and room for it, we decided it was time to bring it home. Two trips of well-organized packing into John's Mom's mini-van (that thing holds a lot with the seats out!), and our living room looks similar to a furniture warehouse, but it's done! Deb's going to use the buffet as a dresser while she's here, then I'll use it primarily for linen storage. We're going to move our little Ikea table downstairs, and try the more formal cherry table and chairs in the dining room. Having grown up with this table (a round, expandable 1960s ethan allen cherry set), I love it. It has lots of happy memories of big family dinners and such.

Yay for productive follow-through. Now, back to bed for a bit, then off to staff a Master Gardener's clinic at the West Seattle Farmer's Market. There's the beginnings of a very lovely sunrise out there right now!
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