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BBQ in Lavender.

Busy weekend, but it keeps us out of trouble, right?

Saturday, some friends from college, and friends of friends came over for a BBQ. Mike and Juan live in New York City (NEW YORK CITY!), but Mike's folks are still in the NW, so they trek out here on a yearly basis. It's always a good excuse for a get-together. The weather looked spotty, so I speedcleaned the house to making it "friend of friend" ready, but then the clouds cleared off, and it was absolutely gorgeous outside. gymgeek was BBQ Chef Supreme and a good time was had by all.

Sunday, bright and early, we (gymgeek, snorklet and me!) headed for the Lavender Festival in Sequim. Seems like the cost for the pin (for free entry onto the participating farms) has doubled in price the last few years, but it's still a lot of fun. We zoomed through the street fair, and headed for the Lavender Farms. We made it to 5 of the 7 farms this year. Next year, we'll try to do them all! It was bright, and hot and sunny and wonderful. Soon as I remember to download pictures, I'll post a few.

Got home Sunday night (only an hour wait for the ferry), found some ribbon and made a couple of lavender wands, which just brought back good memories of sitting in the back yard making them with my Mom. I need to pick up some more ribbon tonight, so I can do some other colors before the lavender dries out too much to handle. :) (because tarsyddad will need a yellow one, for sure). It's totally cool, though, I cut the lavender myself this year (woo!), and got both Grosso (which is great for crafts and floral uses) and Provence (which I'll dry for cooking). Both are organic.

Last night, it was back to the gym, and back into our routine. We've been kind off/on our eating plans the last week or so--mostly on, with some spectacular ventures into unplanned eating worlds. :) It's less than 6 months to the wedding, so time to be serious. Also, we're not getting any younger--we might as well get healthier. So, I'm serious about finally losing this second 25 pounds--then I can go to work on the 3rd set. :)

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