The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

gymgeek and I went to see Mike Doughty (formerly of Soul Coughing)last night at a smallish bar up on Capital Hill.

Got up on the Hill early, ate Taco Del Mar for dinner, and went on a quest for our will-call tickets. Found Neumos, (I hadn't been there in eons--three or so bar names ago...) and the sign directing us to go to the Bad Ju-Ju Lounge. Helpful folks at the Bad Ju-Ju Lounge directed us back to Neumo's, but said the door woudln't open until 8. So, we had a drink and then wandered back. The line was dysfunctional, so we chose a spot on the corner, knowing that the line could move either way. Turned out to be a perfect location for when Mike came out, pre-show, to do an impromptu live recording on the street corner. Much fun, ending with a sing-along. Hopefully the guy we talked with in line will forward the video he took with his phone. :)

The show rocked, too, and we ended up in the front. For me, being able to see the performers at a standing-room-only show is a novel experience. It was great. Hung out with srallen and had a groovy time.

Today, however, my ass is dragging.
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