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Good Haiku

I love the LJ haiku generator.

LiveJournal Haiku!
Your name:sisterfish
Your haiku:me happy today
in my zone b garden in
south seattle i got
Created by Grahame

Spent the long (for me!) weekend doing plant-related stuff.

Saturday morning, bright and early, tarsyddad and I headed off on our annual "why are we doing this on Mother's Day weekend" plant run. First off, The Seattle Tilth Edible Plant sale. I'm pleased to say that all the plants I bought from Tilth, were, in fact, edible. I stopped on the way out, at one of the commercial vendors and bought John a baby Monkey Puzzle Tree (which may, someday, have edible seeds). It's very cute, about 10 inches high. John named it Evan. Next, due to some not-paying-attention-driving, we went to McLendon's in Woodinville. Mother's Day weekend is their Founder's Day sale, and always a zoo. But fun. Major acquisition there was a white peony. Then, off to Flower World, where we wandered for hours, and managed to get out without too much damage. I bought mostly perennials to fill in where there's holes (in the border and beds in my head, since they're not all in place, by a long shot), including a red-edged hebe and a new variegated butterfly bush (to replace the one hacked off by the ex-landlord's weed-whacker crazy father).

Sunday morning, John and I began the process of moving the raised veggie beds. When we bought the house, there was an already built, 8x8 raised veggie bed. The bad thing is that most of the timbers it's built out of are rotting. We moved an 8x4 and a 4x4 bed from the other house (complete with dirt!), and placed them in the back yard, along the back fence. Turns out, I should have looked a little harder before placing them under a sugar pine with pinecones the size of volkswagen beetles! Whoops. One of those cones would take out a season's worth of tomatoes. So, we're tearing down the old bed, and moving the raised beds to that sort. Which involves moving lots and lots of dirt. We got the 8x4 bed moved, and about three-quarters of the way filled. Then it started to rain. (and we needed to go to Puyallup for Mother's Day/Grandma's birthday dinner anyway).

Monday, I had planned to spend the day in the yard, but it rained all damned day. I did get lots accomplished in the house, including thinning out some of the basil and replanting it into flats. If it works, I'll have enough basil for most of Southeast Seattle. :) They look to be pepping up, so I'm happy.

Last night, we were both tired and hungry, and stopped for Papa Murphy's pizza. I wanted to pop into Fred Meyer to find something to put on the dull spots on the wooden floor in the office, and we found the perfect sofa for the den. Huzzah!

Tonight, it's off to Fred Meyer to complete said furniture purchase, take a look at paint colors for the den (it'd be nice to change it from pink before the sofa comes), and off to the gym.
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