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Too much too do....

But it's fun trying to get it all done.

May is turning into a scheduling nightmare. It's all fun stuff, there's just not enough days in the month, or hours on some weekends. I'll manage.

Spent this weekend in nice, fun domesticity. Saturday, we slept in, got pedicures, and headed to spend some time with John's folks. We hadn't told them of our wedding plans yet, and they were quite thrilled. It's written on the calendar in ink. We're on the hook now. :)

That evening, we went to a booster club crab feed at Bellarmine High School. Basically, a dinner and dance in a high school gymnasium with as much crab as you could crack and eat, and as much beer and wine as you could drink. And then great music to dance to. John's folks spread the word, and their circle of friends seems to be thrilled, too. (it's a nice feeling--not only am I really happy about marrying John, everyone else seems to be happy about it, too!). I think we'll see a bunch of them in Las Vegas come January.

Sunday brought errands downtown, overindulgence in drive-in food at Burgermaster, a trip to Home Depot, and then work around the house. John installed a new front door lock, figured out what was wrong with the downstairs toilet, got the formerly stuck closet door open, and mowed the lawn. I amended the flower bed on the south side of the house with bags of compost and several wheelbarrows of topsoil, to help break up the clay (luckily, the only bed around the house with poor soil) and then planted lots of perennials in there--daylilies, geum, liatris, geraniums, verbena. I'm going to sprinkle some purple poppy seeds there, and call it good for now. Come fall, I'll take the dibble and liberally stud it with bulbs.

Next weekend is the annual pilgrimage to the Tilth Edible Plant Sale and Flower World with tarsyddad. It'll be fun. And then the next weekend, Donald and I are road-tripping south towards Portland. We used to do nursery runs much more often than was good for the pocketbook, but it's been a while. It should be fun. Hopefully, we can hook up with hiddeneye when we're down that way.

I'm feeling a distinct lack of motivation to work today. Too late at the baseball game last night, but I'll survive.


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May. 3rd, 2005 05:54 pm (UTC)
Yay for crab feeds and weddings!

I'm glad your days are filled with positive things. :)
May. 3rd, 2005 05:58 pm (UTC)
And I'm thinking postive new place karma thoughts for you.

Yech to mold and cat pee!
May. 3rd, 2005 09:21 pm (UTC)
If you head to the game immediately after work, and are willing to walk an extra block or two, you will be able to find FREE PARKING right near Sbux HQ. Head down 1st Ave to the Krispy Kreme (I think that's Holgate), turn right, and then turn left. That is where all the Sbux and Outdoor Research employees park, and of course they all leave around 5-ish. There is also a $5 lot which does not raise its rate on game days, on the left side of 1st just before you get to the light at Stacy (where Pecos Pit BBQ is). There's another $5 lot further down 1st at the Bank of America, but you'd probably want to take the bus back up 1st from there.
May. 3rd, 2005 09:29 pm (UTC)
Re: pssst

That's cool. If I go from downtown, John usually parks down here, for free, or less than a buck, and we take the bus down.

Discovered last night though that the free shuttle is now longer free and doesn't take metro passes as payment. Luckily, we had two bucks.

If we come from home, we can catch a bus a block from home that lets us off a block from the ballpark. Very sweet. :)
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