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tarsyddad says my journal is boring...

Life marches on.

I'm sitting here in the office, looking at the sunshine and wishing I was outdoors. I spent all day yesterday out in the yard, with visible accomplishments! (pictures to come!). The front rose bed is totally liberated from its protective covering of grass, and new brick edging was installed between the edge of the bed and the sidewalk. I planted daylilies in between the existing roses, and everyone looks happy and growing.

Next up, the other rosebed on the other side of the yard, although, it's not nearly as overgrown as this one was.

I also weeded out the soon to be deconstructed raised veggie bed in the back yard, and discovered a potato patch. According to the next-door neighbor, the old owner of the house used to raise potatoes and tomatoes in that bed, and apparently they weren't dug out last year. There's about 8 hills of potatoes sprouting up. I'm going to try to salvage a couple of them. We're tearing out that bed because it's literally rotting away. We're going to move our existing raised beds to the same spot, though, after deciding that the risk of huge sugar cones falling from the pine tree behind us was too great. :) Besides, it'll put the garden closer to the kitchen, and give me a spot to put my lilac bushes back in the corner, making a cosy seating area in the back yard.

Saturday, we finally finished painting the office. Venetian Red, 5 coats, and it looks wonderful. All that's left to do is strip the tape, install some moulding, and touch up a few spots on the ceiling. I predict we have a real, functional office within a week. Next up on the painting brigade: a second coat of navy in the bedroom. We painted it at night. When it's sunny, we can see the spots where we should have more paint. :) After that's done, we can rip out the old carpet! Hooray!!

Slowly but surely, we're getting there.

Saturday night, we went to our first baseball game of the season. Our seats this year are two rows closer to the field! Woo! We're right between right and center field, pretty decent outfield seats. Unfortunately, it wasn't the best game ever played, and the Mariners lost. But we still had fun. We had Ichi-rolls for dinner. Eating sushi in a stadium seat is an excercise in patience. But the miso soup was fantastic! And then hot cocoa--one of the nice things about early and late season baseball at Safeco--the roving cocoa vendors.

Only two weeks until the annual plant expedition with tarsyddad. I can't wait. It's always so much fun. And I've already planned an extra day off to be sure I get everything planted. There's only a gazillion pots sitting in the back yard waiting for a home!
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