The Woman, Meg (sisterfish) wrote,
The Woman, Meg

Weekly Update.

Whoops. I've been reading, and paying attention to everyone else, but not updating.

Vegas was wonderful. Warm--almost perfect--maybe a little too breezy to hang out by the pool, but we found other ways to amuse ourselves. We played tourist, we shopped, John indulged his tie fetish with some new acquistions, we marveled at the wicked cool spiral escalator at the new Forum shops, we met up with Dave and snorklet several times, we went to Elvis-a-Rama, where Elvis Kissed Me. *swoon*, we had front row seats for Penn & Teller (John got selected to pick a card for a magic trick (and got to keep the card, which they both autographed!)), we gambled (and almost always walked away with more money than we started with (the exception being the roulette table), we went to the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop and got two pretty baubles--one with my birthstone and one with John's--that look very lovely on my hands, and went souvenir shopping at the downtown Walgreens. It was a good long weekend.

After we got home, we tried to get back into our routine, but it was kind of a slow week. My seeds are sprouting like mad, the kitchen is about to turn into a full-fledge greenhouse for a while. This weekend, I spent hours digging grass out of overgrown flower beds in the front. I'm hoping for some good weather to get things into the ground (after I amend everything with some compost).

Last night, we went on a belated-birthday-ferry cruise with rubricity and a bunch of other folks. We were running late, and literally caught the ferry at a run. It's a good thing, though. A year ago, we wouldn't have made it. We're in better health, and it didn't kill us. :)

There, caught up in three paragraphs.
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