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Digging makes me happy.

Today, in my zone 7B garden in South Seattle, I got to dig!

I've been waiting for things to pop up, to see if there were any perennials worth saving in the beds of the house we bought last fall. So far, not much.

Today, I weeded and turned over the bed that will be the shade bed, running along the fence on the south side of the back yard. I'm so happy to discover rich, healthy, earthworm-happy soil--such a change from our old place, which had glacial tlll. Now, I just have to pull out my box of goodies and get things placed in the beds. tarsyddad, I may need a run to Flower World for White Astilbe!

Let the cats out, in the backyard, while we were there. They had a good time exploring around. I don't think they really believed me, anyway, when I told them there was no outside here. Now, I just have to make them believe there's no front yard.

Met the neighbor across the street, who has a huge gorgeous yard. She's been developing her garden since 1939! She says she can't work as long or hard as she wants to any more, but she's also not ready to go to "a home" and play bridge all day. She seems glad that there's another gardener across the street.

After talking with her, took the plunge and hard pruned the old roses in the front yard. According to Mary, they're probably 40 or 50 years old. We either made the lots healthier or killed them. :) It's always hard to me to hard prune stuff, even when I know it's best for the plant. Keep your fingers crossed. We'll see.

Went back and told the plants that had been dug from the other house that they'll be in the ground soon. I promise. Next weekend, I'll do the other side of the backyard, which is sunny, so lots of them can go to their new homes. Still waiting to hear from the City Arborist guy about what I can and can't plant on the parking strip out front. I mean, hey, it's a whole 'nother bed to plant!

And we bought a lawn mower. The true feeling of house ownership. Mowing the lawn. John looked every inch the homeowner, pushing the lawnmower and wielding the weed-whacker.

Now, I'm sleepy.
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