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Boxes, boxes everywhere!

I'm appalled by that amount of packaging that it takes to ship something. I received 5 boxes today. I have a two office recycling boxes full of packing material. At least they were filled with recyclable material, but still...

It's driving the nosey office manager nuts that I have all these boxes, and she doesn't know what I have. She kind of thinks it's her business to know everything moving in and out of this office.

Tonight I want to:
--Do Laundry;
--Find whatever it is in the fridge that is dead, and bury it properly;
--finish wrapping presents;
--unpack the rest of the nativity scenes (I collect them, during the holidays, they're all over the house);
--make soup for dinner for tomorrow;
--think about finishing (or at least reading more of) A Clockwork Orange for book club tomorrow; and
--get to bed at a halfway reasonable hour.

Can I do it? Only the shadow knows!

But last night, I did very well at commando shopping at Bellevue Square--in and out of Crate and Barrel in record time, off to a few other stores and was only 2 minutes late meeting John at 6:30. I'm down to 3 boxes of frangos on my shopping list. Not bad for the 18th of December. Of course, I haven't mailed my cards yet, but....

Anyway, back to the grind.

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